November 15, 2003

Jessica Yaconelli

jessica There are so many things that I already miss about my dad, and my heart is very heavy because he is gone. But the things that I grieve and long for are also the very same things that I am so immensely grateful for.

I am so thankful for taking drives with him through town every year just to look at Christmas lights. I am so thankful for homemade Manicotti served at Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for the smell of pipe tobacco and how it always reminds me of home. But mostly I am SO thankful and SO grateful for my dad's unrelenting love, his constant laughter, the okay-ness and support for whatever road I chose for my life, his adventurous life that he openly shared, and the privilege that I feel to have had his love returned to me and to call him DAD.

And though I so long for another drive at Christmas, another evening of stuffing Manicotti, another Sunday afternoon of football (wondering of the Chargers were EVER going to get it together), another evening talk on the deck, his presence in my life has been and will continue to be an awesome and powerful gift. I am honored to have had him call me his daughter.

I love you Dad. Even now I feel your presence around me and in the depths of my heart. Thank you for being the "real" father that I so needed and deserved.