Many of you have asked for additional information regarding Mike Yaconelli's recent passing, the memorial service, and where to send cards and flowers. Here is the most recent information:

It is a great comfort to Karla and the rest of us that the pathologist has determined that Mike was already unconscious when the truck he was driving left the road Wednesday night. The doctors are confident it was due to heart arrhythmia, or maybe a stroke.

Mike's funeral was held on Sunday, November 2, in Yreka. There were about 800 people who attended, including many from the local community, from Mike's church, close friends, and family. It was described by those in attendance as an incredible time in which Mike's life was celebrated with both tears and laughter. Here's an article from a local paper about the service and more. Get more info on the service.

We had a wonderful and beautiful memorial service for Mike in San Diego on Saturday, November 15. Six hundred of Mike's friends and family came from all over the country (and a few from other countries). Get more info on the service here.

Mike's family has requested that, instead of sending flowers, donations would be made in Mike's name to three ministries that were important to him. More information about these organizations is available on our site.

Please continue to check our Web site for additional updates and information.

Thank you for your prayers and support
Mark Oestreicher