Our dear friends:

Karla Yaconelli

It's early yet in this very long and unexpected journey through death. These words will be totally inadequate. But we really want to take a moment to thank you all -

  • for your prayers
  • for your love
  • for your tributes
  • for your memories and well wishes
  • for your grieving
  • for your cards and letters and posts and flowers and memorial gifts
  • for honoring Michael in such eloquent and moving ways

All of it is so healing for me, our children, our extended biological family, our local church family, our YS family, and our family "at large."

Currently, there are no words sufficient to express our gratitude. Perhaps there never will be, totally. But we WANT to give at least a partial voice to our overwhelming appreciation. And I hope in the days ahead that we will find more words to communicate it more completely.

But for now, please know that we are ACUTELY aware of how much your love and prayers are sustaining us.

"Thank you" is not NEARLY enough … only the two words we have right now.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Know that we are well aware that YOU are grieving too. And you are in OUR prayers. Truly.

With much love - and with all the Father's grace and peace that Michael helped each of us to learn, trust, and experience -
Karla Yaconelli

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