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Blogs are a wonderful tool of community and connection. We've searched the blog world for folks who wrote about Mike Yaconelli and his imprint on their lives. Enjoy this sampling of entries from all over the world. We'll be adding to these as we find more entries.

added 11/14

  • Jerodmac
    "We liked to hear him talk of the uncertainty of life, the smallness of humanity and the wild ferocity of God."
  • Maltagirl
    "a lot of what i ever learnt about grace, i learnt from him."

added 11/13

  • Pastorized
    "It was the first time I was redeemed as a woman. Mike gave that back to me. And I sat in my chair and wept."

added 11/06

  • jonnybaker blog
    "a greenbelt favourite speaker who manged to make you laugh and cry and feel inspired all at once, cheeky, fun, a writer, a prophet, said it how it was, a storyteller...."
  • Knightopia
    "I hear all the time that "none of us is guaranteed tomorrow," but it isn't until someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly that this reality becomes really real."
  • Lilly's Pad
    "He introduced me to the power of lectio divina, he taught me to use clay to worship, he introduced me to jonny and steve's labyrinth."
  • Pip Wilson
    "The whole service this morning, about the Saints, was all about Yac ......... but I doubt anyone else knew him or have heard of him. "

added 11/05

  • The Area
    "He pastored a church but he also pastored a nation of youthworkers."
  • Deep Thoughts by Gman
    "To me knowing Yaconelli was easy. I just needed to know Jesus."
  • John Davies
    "All this makes me remember the truth Yaconelli always held as self-evident: that laughter is heaven's language."
  • looking out from my little place
    "Whether you loved or hated Yac, you couldn't ignore him and it's strange thinking that one of our modern YM pioneers has gone home."
  • Pagittblog
    "He was a wonderful man and somewhere in me I feel that good people like Mike deserve a better fate than this kind of death."
  • Tall Skinny Kiwi
    "Maybe his humor was just HONESTY. Maybe he carried part of how God sees us."
  • Waving or Drowning?
    "I guess it's a human trait to relate losses personally."

added 11/04

  • The Corner
    "A prophet left us last night to go home, leaving the world a sadder place."
  • ianua
    "...he then stepped back, and served me communion."
  • Wanderings of a Post-Modern Pilgrim
    " I have spent the day wondering why it is that we respond to the death of someone like Mike Yaconelli as if we knew them personally."

Photo © Andy Jackson/www.surefish.co.uk. Used with permission.