The Area

God has some amazing new company today.

A Prophetic voice and mentoring pastor to many, Mike Yaconelli just joined God last night. I heard this today. I can't imagine what his friends, family and close coworkers are feeling right now.

Having left paid youth ministry and not yet started anything new, I had nothing to tell me to wake up in the morning; nowhere to be, nothing to do; until the youthspecialties convention in Charlotte. I went to Mike Yaconelli's morning bible study on Sunday at a dreadful 7:15 A.M. -- he talked about the oft misunderstood dangerous imperfect qualities of Peter; the impetuous reckless love Peter showed for Jesus, and in his ending prayer, he said something to the effect of "if I offended anyone here, I'm not sorry; if I diminished your word, I apologize." This was a man whose writings and the occasional few words I could get from him off AIM chats gave me a lot of hope in the past few years. He pastored a church but he also pastored a nation of youthworkers. I'm going to miss you, Yac. Youthworker journal said, "I cannot begin to describe how devastating a loss this is for the youth ministry community."

Personally, I cannot begin to express how incredible a gain this is for heaven. Please keep his family, church, friends, and coworkers in your prayers.