Mike Yaconelli Tribute

We are sad that we must say goodbye to a dear friend, and an important man in many of our lives: Mike Yaconelli. For those of you who are not familiar with Mike, he was the founder of Youth Specialties, and a driving force behind the creation of One Life Revolution. On October 30, Mike was in a car accident, and he died as a result of his injuries. There were no other cars involved, and there was no one else in the car with him.

For those who were close to Mike, losing him is a tough blow. His passion for youth and for helping and serving the poor were only some of the things that made him a truly special person. He brought an amazing energy, and an undeniable flair, that will be missed by all of those who have been impacted by his ministry.

Mike's family had asked that those who wanted to offer condolences by sending flowers and such should instead support one of three charities that were very dear to him. We are extremely honored that they chose One Life Revolution to be one of those organizations. Our motto, "You Have One Life - Do Something" (which Mike created) takes on a deeper meaning in light of these recent events. It strengthens our commitment to the children and widows of Zambia that Mike was so determined to help. Our efforts in reaching the goal of $1 million by August 2004 will be even more concerted, knowing how important Mike felt this movement was.

Please pray for Mike's family and friends. And also pray for those he was working to serve—the youth workers of the country, and the poor of the world.

Shawn Blossey
Manager, One Life Revolution