You sure could fill a room.
Whether it was the back stairwell of the old World Headquarters ramshackle house,
or a ballroom seating thousands.
You filled the room.

Brown eyes flashing
Wonder, laughter
Anger, more often than not.
Your eyes were the definition of
When the truth was labeled
Or authenticity was labeled
You never got over being surprised
When people didn't get it.

This thing you started
That it was OK to question
OK to make fun
OK to have fun
More than OK.
Sacred, actually.
This thing will carry on in our
Flawed, earthly, half-blind, mostly-arrogant, satirical, stumbling way,
While you are filling the rooms of heaven
with glorified Yaconelliness.
And you are at last surrounded,
By people who get it.

Francine Phillips
Former Managing Editor, Wittenburg Door