We at MediaComplete along with many of our users lost a great friend last week. Mike Yaconelli, co-founder and owner of Youth Specialties, was killed in a car crash at age 61. Mike was a big fan of MediaShout, and his willingness to use it at Youth Specialties seminars and conventions gave us early, priceless exposure to youth workers nationwide. After using MediaShout 1.0 for the first time, he said in an email to his staff, "MediaShout is a total winner. It's dazzling and simple to use."

But Mike's influence on MediaShout runs far deeper than that. For the past 19 years he was my friend and mentor. His wisdom, love and grace shaped my life, and his creativity and passion to communicate truth spilled all over me. I can't imagine where I would be today had Mike not been in the picture, but I'm pretty sure I would never have traveled the road that led me to create MediaShout.

Two days before he was killed, I was with him at the National Youth Workers Convention in Charlotte. I ran into him backstage when he stepped off the platform after delivering the closing message. He was beaming with excitement, prancing around like a little kid stepping off a roller coaster. I asked him how that felt. He said it was great to know that he was just doing what he was supposed to be doing, telling people the truth. As always, he seemed surprised that God had chosen him for this privilege. Because of Mike, I know what that feels like. As Mike himself described it, "What a ride!"

For more information about Mike's life and legacy, and opportunities to give to the ministries he most believed in, please visit the Youth Specialties website: www.youthspecialties.com. And if you will, please send up a prayer for Mike's wife Karla, their kids, and our friends at Youth Specialties.

Todd Temple,
president of MediaComplete Corporation